Wondering about the difference between art & design

What’s the difference between art and design? … A question that re-occurs in every designer’s mind until the hunt for a satisfactory answer ends.

A simple googling will lead you too many answers. Some satisfy us. Some don’t.

Sometimes satisfaction with a particular answer lives until we discover a new answer at LinkedIn, Medium, or a coffee-table discussion with fellow designers.

I’m sure you could relate yourself with the GIF below and the said question.

I think the chase for a satisfactory answer will never end.

That said, at present, I do have an answer which indeed satisfied me. I would like to share.

When we speak in a way we understand, it’s art but when we speak in a way others understand is design. Art is expression. Design is communication. A painter finds joy when their painting is interpreted in different ways. But a designer finds it problematic when the design is interpreted in different ways. The focus to make something interpret in a certain way signifies that a good design is intentional.

I’ve a story to tell from my design journey. Maybe there are some takeaways for you. I'm here to talk about design in simple words.